eight Advantages of Postcards

High Readership

Nearly everybody reads submitcards. Your customers take in your message as quickly as your card reaches their hands. Double-card mailings of subscription gives have crushed much costlier long-copy letter packages.


Postcards price little to provide and mail. A single card entails no folding or Postkarten kaufen inserting costs, and might be cheaper to mail top notch than at bulk third-class rates. Even once you mail to only a few sales prospects, first-class submitcards (most size 4-1/4″ x 6″) value less in postage than first-class letters.


Double postcards can generate very high response. The address panel of a put upcard already carries your customer’s name and address. So—at little or no price—you may repeat the addressing info on the second card, which turns into a convenient preprinted order machine that the prospect just drops in the mail.

Easy to print en masse

Even while you resolve to print four-shade submitcards, it can save you money by printing them in gang runs on sheets of 19″ x 25″ stock, then trimming them to submitcard size. That manner, their manufacturing cost will be reduced for 4 different sets of 5,000 cards each.

Simple to schedule mailings

Just inform your printer if you wish to mail which cards to your prospect list. Many astute advertisers mail publishcard collection at three- or eight-week intervals. That cues clients to pick up the phone and ring you when they’re ready to do business.

Free list cleaning

To generate timely address corrections at no additional expense, just print “Address Service Correction” under the primary-class indicia or stamp on every put upcard’s addressing panel. The Postal Service will return undeliverable cards to you free.

Quick market research

Use double postcards. Go straightforward on the number of your questions. And ask respondents to mail the reply card back to you by a deadline date—or to fax it!


Depending on your mailing schedule, your put upcard advertising will jog your prospects’ recollections about you and your presents—once a month, or even more typically!